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Clean Beauty Spotlight: SCHMEARnaturals

Welcome to another #cleanbeautyspotlight! We had the pleasure of chatting with Jeffrey, Co-Founder of SCHMEARnaturals. If you haven't yet, checkout our IGTV channel for the video interview. Now let's get started!

So Jeffrey you are food scientist and Kitty is an accountant. What prompted the creation of Schmear?

As a food scientist I work with a lot of food and botanical ingredients to create food products. The idea for Schmear really came from wanting to create truly natural skin care products. As a foodie and a developer, I read a lot of food labels and I eventually started really reading skincare labels and labels for products I’m using on and in my body. I really noticed and scrutinized the ingredients in there. I found that there were a lot of ingredients I didn’t know what they were or really just synthetic. So we wanted to create a brand based on food that is truly natural for both skincare and self care. 

How do you and Kitty know each other?

Kitty and I are high school friends and one day we were just talking about this idea of creating our own brand. I had this idea for a long time of creating a food-based skincare brand and she was very passionate about entrepreneurship and really wanted to create a brand as well. She also really dabbled in making her own skincare products at home as well. So it really came together, we met and decided to do Schmear.

What does food-based skincare mean?

For us, it means really taking the idea of taking food grade ingredients or ingredients that you can consume and using it to nourish your outside. Using food to nourish inside as well as outside. It’s also really knowing that whatever you put in your body can also be used on the outside and it’s safe to use as well. We use ingredients you typically find in your pantry like oatmeal, honey, or pomegranate. 

Right now we have a line of cleansers, toners, oils, and our face masks. Our face masks were our first product, and with people already making their own versions at home with ingredients like avocado, oatmeal, or kale. We really wanted to make it more convenient for people so we made the face mask powder.

What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

We have some key values. Innovation is very important. Obviously we’re doing something very different using very different ingredients you don’t typically see in skincare products like turmeric, coconut milk, or hibiscus. We also want to create a brand that’s very inclusive. The beauty industry is very big and there’s in some sense a typical look of what beauty is supposed to be. So we wanted to make sure we include different people, different genders, different ages, and different skin types. We’re not about having perfect skin, we’re about having real skin and nourishing your skin with wholesome ingredients.

What was your biggest hurdle in getting Schmear off the ground?

For us, it was really finalizing formulas in the beginning. We wanted to make sure we put our best foot forward with Schmear. If our powders and our oils are the first products we’re going to put to market, we wanted to make sure they’re tip top. To do that we always have a group of 20-30 people as a focus group. We send them our products before we finalize them for feedback on how the feel, smell, and how it works, then incorporate that feedback into our products before we launch them.

What’s your favourite part of creating Schmear’s products?

I’m the developer of the products, so my favorite part is creating the products. For me it’s very much thinking outside the box. Like I said, we aren’t using ingredients that are typically found in a lot of beauty products. For example, a lot of products use colorangs like “red number 6” or “green number 6”, synthetic colors that provide color. For us, we don’t want to use synthetic colors or preservatives, we need to find different ways to impart that color. So if we want a red color we can use a hibiscus powder. It provides a vibrant pink color but also has all the benefits like vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, anti-aging, and skin elasticity. So it’s not just providing color but it’s also providing benefits aka a win win situation. 

What has been your most exciting moment with Schmear so far?

For us it’s been getting all the reviews and feedback for our products. Obviously you put something out there you want it to be successful, and resonate with what you’re creating. Our site has over 160 reviews. People just naturally come and leave their reviews which is fantastic. It’s rewarding hearing about how people incorporate different products and how it’s changing their routine or their skin.  

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

Obviously water and sleep is important. For me a good session of hot yoga can’t be beat. You’re working your body, you’re training your mind, your blood is flowing, your heart is beating. But you’re also really sweating and renewing your skin. After a hot yoga session and when you cool down you feel amazing.

We’re featuring Schmear’s Rosehip + Buckthorn Antioxidant Face Oil in the Fall box, what prompted this creation?

We created the face mask first, and after you do a fask mask you should always moisturize your skin, so we wanted to create a product that can moisturize. Typically what you find is there are are lot of creams out there. They’re usually water-based. Anything with water you need emulsifiers or preservatives to keep it stable and bacteria from growing. We wanted to create something that’s free from preservatives, fragrances, and colors, so we developed our antioxidant face oil. 

It’s a blend of 8 cold pressed and organic oils. Rosehip and sea buckthorn, carrot, pomegranate, raspberry, camellia, baobab, and pumpkin. We also have a little bit of French lavender and geranium essential oils. Because the oils are cold pressed they don’t use their color or antioxidants and vitamins which creates this natural amber color.

It’s very silky, absorbs very easily, lightweight and a little goes a long way. You can use it every day, and it will last you about 2-3 months. We recommend 2-3 drops in the morning and at night.

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