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Skin Spotlight: Combination Skin

Having combination skin can be a struggle which is why in this edition of Skin Spotlight, we’re talking combo skin! 

Combination skin is when some areas of your face, like your T-zone, produce more oil whereas other areas are drier. The oiliness or dryness can vary from person to person depending on genetic factors or even because of certain products you use. 

Here are our 5 tips for keeping combo skin looking and feeling its best.


Layer on the SPF

This pretty much goes for any skin type, but SPF is key to protecting the drier parts of your face from the sun, as they are already prone to dryness and probably are more sensitive. 


Beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) exfoliants

Cleansing might not be enough for the oily areas, and “natural” exfoliants (coffee-grind based, for example) might be too rough. As such, a chemical exfoliant will be the best of both worlds.


Use a gentle cleanser 

Balancing dry and oily skin can be tricky, so we recommend a water-soluble option that won’t tighten your skin like a gel or oil-based cleanser might. 


Toner is your friend

Using a gentle toner with hydrating properties will give your skin the moisture and de-oiling (yes, we’re making up terms now) it needs! Look for ingredients like Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and make sure that it does NOT contain alcohol.


Hydrating face masks

After a shower or cleansing, apply a hydrating face mask (we recommend in the evening) to give your skin a boost before bed. This will help the drier parts of your face and hopefully lessen the need for oil production. 

Recommended: Vitamin Facial Mask


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