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Simply Polished

Simply Polished Coffee Body Scrub


by Simply Polished

As seen in the Spring Box 2020

Keep your skin healthy and beautifully glowing with our all natural and organic coffee scrub. Made with locally sourced coffee + cane sugar + coconut oil + cinnamon + tea tree. This scrub will help to revitalize your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth and moisturized. 

-Exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effects
-Improved circulation and smooth skin
-Reduction of cellulite and eczema
-Accelerated healing of sun rashes and burns 
-Elimination of razor burn and ingrown hairs
-Reduction of under eye bags and puffiness
-Maintenance of acne and elimination of scarring 
-Helps to minimize pores and reduces the appearance of aging skin 

Usage: Massage coffee scrub on to wet skin. Rinse off with warm water. 


locally sourced coffee, coconut oil*, cane sugar*, cinnamon, pure tea tree oil, *organic

Pairs Perfectly with Nootka &Sea's Desert Rose Buttercream

Simply Polished Coffee Body Scrub